What are your Covid-19 precautions?  

We are open for in person worship with optional mask requirements, however, we encourage you to protect yourself and others by complying with the CDC regulations. 
How long does a normal service last?
Each service lasts about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes and includes worship (instrumental), prayer time with open requests, communion, time of giving, message from the Pastor, and invitation to make a faith decision at the end.
Do I need to dress up?
No! Just come as you are.  
Will anyone point me out during service if I am new?
 NO. We would rather have you enjoy the service without worrying about someone calling on you, so just sit back and check us out. We will try to greet you when you come in, but you can be as anonymous as you would like. One thing you could do during your first visit that would be great is to fill out an Information Card. We respect your privacy so we don't ask for much but we would love to follow-up with you after you have come to see us. 
Is there something for my kids during the service?
YES! We offer full children's programs for birth to grade 7. They will worship with us and then be dismissed to learn about Jesus with a lesson on their learning level. By learning on their own level, it helps to build the foundation to build upon as the child grows. We also provide a nursery for the very young if needed. You are welcome to keep your children of all ages with you during the worship service based on their needs, your beliefs about their spiritual development or to meet your personal comfort level. 
What kind of music do you play?
Our instrumental music is a blend of older hymns which provide a rich message in lyric about Jesus to contemporary modern music that lifts our spirits to praise God. We also feel this kind of blended worship experience best meets the needs of our diverse ages and spiritual needs in worship.
Am I expected to give financially?
No. If you are a guest and are just checking us out, then you are not obligated to give. However, Jesus does calls us all to give with a joyful heart, but when we mention giving we are talking to our regular attenders reminding them that they are called to give faithfully to the church community they have committed to.
Do I need to be a Christian to attend?
No! We are a group of Christians who want to be a safe place for people seeking truth to find biblical answers. Our doors are always open if you have questions during the week as well. 
Can I bring people with me?
 Yes! The more the merrier. 
Walking forward at the end of a service can be intimidating. Is there other opportunities to receive prayer or accept Jesus as Savior?
 Yes! Though our church tradition is to invite persons at the end to come forward to be prayed for or accept Jesus as Savior there are other times to do so. Just because the song ends doesn't mean God's invitation ends. The Bible shows times in which salvation comes to the individual hearing from God personally or with a friend who has come to share the love of Jesus. You can call/email the church if you'd like to talk privately.  
One last thing…
We would love to have you stop by to check us out. We truly want to be a community of Christians that brings the truth of the Bible to Hebron and beyond in a tangible way that makes sense to them and that helps them move closer to God through Jesus. If there is anything we can do to help you walk with Jesus we would do whatever we can to help. Hope to see you soon.